Certified Tracking Solutions (est. 2004) is a leader in GPS telematics, fleet tracking and management, connected transportation, and industrial IoT. Our proprietary, cloud-based software platform supports a broad range of business optimization tools, including GPS Telematics, Electronic Logging Devices, Smart AI Dash Cameras, and Workflow Optimization Applications.

Over the past 15+ years, Certified Tracking Solutions has strived to elevate our customers’ operational efficiencies, compliance, safety, and environmental sustainability through insightful, actionable, and real-time data. Our staunch commitment to growth, innovation, and constant improvement has positioned us as one of the top telematics providers for fleet-based businesses in all of North America.

  • Jeff Thomas

    VP, Sales

    “ In my entire career, I have never worked at a company so laser focused on growing the business while also becoming more customer centric. We have a one of a kind team full of passion, wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit. ”

  • Anne-Marie Martinak


    “ Every day is a new and exciting challenge; in my two years as the CFO, I have been repeatedly impressed by the enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication of the team. Our aligned focus has enabled sustained, enviable success. ”

  • Matthew Inglis

    Marketing Specialist

    “ Leadership has enthusiastically encouraged my professional growth at every turn. The internal support has been excellent, allowing a high degree of autonomy without ever giving the impression that I am on my own. ”



Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Ben Jensen Jr.

    CEO & Founder

  • Liam Cusack

    COO & Co-Founder

  • Jeff Thomas

    VP, Sales

  • Anne-Marie Martinak


  • Emma Wu


  • Steven Stollery

    Director, Marketing